Quality Corn Milling Products in Canada

At Dover Corn Products Ltd., we understand that high-quality ingredients create the tastiest snacks, treats, and meals. We strive to continuously produce exceptional corn products for our customers, and all of our products are 100% Canadian.

If you need cornmeal or corn flour, trust us. Whether you’re a bakery or a snack food company, we’ll provide consistently excellent corn products.

Corn meal and corn flour packages

All-Natural Cornmeal and Flour

To create our products, we only use the best ingredients for the highest quality result. We get all our ingredients from local Canadian growers, and we work closely with them to ensure we’re getting the best corn possible to maintain excellence and great flavour in our products.

Currently, we offer a variety of conventional or certified GMO-free products:

  • #120 cornmeal
  • #165 cornmeal
  • #250 cornmeal
  • #300 cornmeal
  • #350 cornmeal
  • #400 cornmeal
  • #480 cornmeal
  • #700 corn flour

Our products are never treated with chemicals and are never bleached, resulting in a completely natural product. And depending on how much you need, our premium products can come in one-ton totes or fifty-pound bags.

Dedication to Quality Corn Milling

Dover Corn Products Ltd. is a family-owned and –operated company based in Ontario. We work closely with our customers to ensure they’re getting the best products and service possible, and we proudly stand behind all our goods. We use some of the most modern equipment available for production, and we consistently meet all safety standards and certifications.

To ensure you get your order without unexpected delays, we regularly inspect and maintain our fleet to keep our delivery vehicles in great shape at all times. Our facility also has an in-house lab for frequent product testing to check the quality and safety of all our goods.

If you’re looking for all-natural, high-quality corn products, look no further than Dover Corn Products Ltd. Message us on our website, or call us at 519-352-9710. 


Who We Are

Our customers depend on us to deliver ingredients they need to bring their products to market. We will work one on one with our customers and ensure that our products are delivered when our customers needs them.

What We Do

Dover Corn Products Ltd has brought one of Canada's oldest and most stable industries back to Chatham Kent, ON; Dry corn milling.

Cornmeal Recipes

A variety of our employees favourite recipes using our cornmeal products. From Gluten Free Plain Flour to Spicy Oven Chicken, there is a recipe that you are sure to try out and enjoy!