Our Vision

To diversify the Dry Corn Milling Industry and produce superior products. This statement is designed to reflect our company values of excellence, integrity and respect.

Our Mission

To broaden the competitive marketplace from which the snack food and cereal
industries purchase their products and to conduct our business as a good corporate citizen in the communities which we operate.

Our Commitment

Our customers depend on us to deliver ingredients they need to bring their products to market. We will work one on one with our customers and ensure that our products are delivered when our customers needs them. We have pride in quality and excellence of all our products. We will deliver high quality products to our customer at all times. Our equipment is among the most modern in the industry and because food companies depends on our products, we will meet all applicable food safety standards and certifications at all times.

BuildingPicScience & Logistics

Dover Corn Products Ltd. has implemented a state of the art in house lab. Dover Corn Products quality control team provides physical and analytical testing throughout our production to ensure customer safety and satisfaction on all our products.

At Dover Corn Products Ltd. we own all of our transport fleets. Our transports are put through a vigorous inspection and maintenance schedule allowing your product to be delivered when you need it, on time, defiantly and safely.


What We Do

Dover Corn Products Ltd has brought one of Canada's oldest and most stable industries back to Chatham Kent, ON; Dry corn milling.


Dover Corn Products Ltd. uses only premium ingredients for all of our products and blends. We work very closely with our local growers to ensure that quality, repeatability and flavour are maintained in our finished products at all times.

Cornmeal Recipes

A variety of our employees favourite recipes using our cornmeal products. From Gluten Free Plain Flour to Spicy Oven Chicken, there is a recipe that you are sure to try out and enjoy!